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X1.55 C

Original price $47,000.00 - Original price $47,000.00
Original price
$47,000.00 - $47,000.00
Current price $47,000.00

Perfect for homeowners, hobby farmers, and anyone needing a dependable compact tractor to do work around the 
homestead. All eight models, from 24 to 55 engine horsepower, are designed from the ground up to dish out power and 
performance in a wide variety of applications. With rugged steel and cast iron construction, 4-wheel drive, a choice of 
transmissions, and robust hydraulic system, the X1 lineup delivers everything you have come to expect from a McCormick 
tractor. Whether used for loader work, grading, tilling, snow removal, or landscaping, there is an X1 model that will go above 
and beyond to get the job done

 • 4-cylinder, 2.0L built by Kukje
 • 37 rated HP, 33 PTO HP
 • Tier 4 final emissions using only DOC and DPF
 • Available 12x12 Mechanical or 3 Range Hydrostatic
 • Designed for increased visibility and operator space
 • High level of features come standard
 • Factory cab – quiet and well insulated
 • Independent PTO system
 • Choice of 540 and 540E 
 • “Auto” and “Link” modes of operation
 • Heavy built, over 4,195 lbs
 • Cast iron front axle, rear end, and transmission housing
 • 71 inch wheelbase for stability
 • Steel single piece hood
 • Steel Fenders
Front Axle
 • Cast iron build
 • One of the heaviest in the industry
 • 56 degree steering angle with 10 degrees of camber for 
 increased maneuverability
 • Hydraulic power steering
 • L160C loader designed by ALO

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