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RC Hedgehog 500XD

by Massimo
Original price $4,599.00 - Original price $4,599.00
Original price
$4,599.00 - $4,599.00
Current price $4,599.00
The ultimate remote control brush mower designed for tackling tough terrain with ease. With an upgraded 452cc gas engine making 13 horsepower, this heavy duty brush mower is built to handle even the most challenging mowing tasks. The solid track drive system provides superior traction and stability, while the machine's ability to climb up to a 70-degree slope makes it ideal for uneven surfaces. With a remote control range of over 1 mile, the Massimo Hedgehog 500 allows you to operate the machine from a safe distance, preventing any accidents or injuries. Especially useful when working on difficult terrain or in hard-to-reach areas. The remote control is easy to use, allowing you to steer the zero-turn mower in any direction, adjust speed, and the cutting deck height. The heavy-duty steel construction and rugged design ensure that it can withstand even the toughest environmental conditions. Clearing brush, mowing rough terrain, or maintaining your property, the Hedgehog 500 is your new friend in the field.

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